A Husband With Dreams Needs a Wife With Vision

When I was younger I watched a lot of talk shows that talked about marriage. Most talked about the husband being this super provider who had it all together. If he could not fulfill this role he was not worth your time and you were encouraged to divorce. This was picture of marriage made me not want to join this club. The truth is that husbands are not these perfect providers that have it all together any more than wives are these superwomen who take care of everything else.

Having a husband who has lost his ability to dream or lost sight of his vision can be challenging but it is not a reason to stop fighting for your marriage. It’s a time to begin to pray for him, encourage him, and support him. If you have found your purpose and your husband has not or he has lost sight of his vision because of life’s unpredictable ups and downs then this is not the time to leave him on his own. If you leave you truly are leaving half of you behind because the two were supposed to become one. Our marriages are not about us but how we honor God together.

Ask yourself how did you arrive at your purpose? What did it take for you to get there? What things can you do to support your husband to find his purpose or to reach his goal?  Remember we are helpmates. This is not a calling for the faint of heart. You were created to go through this journey together. He may not be able to see that he misses coaching and mentoring young people without your observing eye. He may not realize that he is a great salesperson with a knack for helping people get what they need and want without you telling him what an awesome job he is doing. He may never know how much he really loves serving others unless you point out how he seems to light up when he shares about his day.

Be his support, his help, his personal cheerleader, and his intercessor (pray for him) so that he knows that he can do it. Trust that God will open his heart and mind to the possible opportunities if he has lost sight of his vision or has stopped dreaming. Pray that God will send godly men for whom he confide in and receive wise godly counsel. Hold the vision of a godly marriage together while he sorts his part out. After all this is what we signed up for…for as long as we both shall live.

Be encouraged and keep winning.



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